The Lazarus Vector

No-one dies in this mystery novel. Instead, medievalist Clare Malley is asked to discover why a teenager did not die in a drug-related shoot-out in an inner-city church. Is it a miracle performed by a mysterious turn-of-the-century priest named Father Enoch? Or is there a more sinister, but completely material, explanation?

Please take a moment to enjoy the first chapter of The Lazarus Vector. The book is available from Amazon.

"Obey instead depicts wit and humanity as the only fitting weapons against evil. Heroic acts of kindness and decency subtly demonstrate the power of honest faith, and are contrasted against the brutal reality of a secular world. The delightful prose style propels the narrative to a satisfying conclusion full of hope and love."

"What an unusual book. It was like Michael Crichton and Dan Brown tried to have a book baby."
- Goodreads Review, Erica Barnes
© - Erica Obey
Photos © - George Baird