The Horseman's Word

It is July of 1865. Lee has surrendered, and all of New York wishes, in the words of General Daniel Sickles, who left a leg at Gettysburg, "to let bygones be bygones," and put the war behind them. But the frightening memories of the draft riots that convulsed New York City two years ago surface quite literally in Saratoga in the form of an unidentified man who drowned in Congress Spring clutching a mysterious ancient chest. Is the dead man Lane Fallon, an English profiteer who stole the chest from Rose Adair's father during the height of the riots? All the evidence seems to point in that direction, yet this would not be the first time Rose has watched Lane Fallon cheat the hangman. And when her father drops dead at the sight of a mysterious fetish from an occult society of horsemen, after having been confronted by Cole Washington, a former slave and jockey, Rose is forced to decide between trusting the memory of a lost love, or a mysterious Irishman who may well have used his supernatural ability to command horses to murder not only her father, but many others.

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© - Erica Obey
Photos © - George Baird