Every teacher has a student they don't like, and Clare Malley had good reason not to like Kerrie-Anne Philips. Still, Clare was there when the girl had died. She watched as the pretty young intern tripped and fell to her death, and would have been willing to swear in court that it was completely accidental. So there was no reason to believe a half-drunk student when he claimed that Kerrie-Anne was murdered because she had uncovered a shadowy government conspiracy dating back to the Crusades. And absolutely no reason at all to believe that the memories that suddenly seem to be surfacing from Clare's forgotten past are connected to that conspiracy as well. Or to a disturbingly attractive street musician who seems to have appointed himself Clare's guardian angel...

Check out an excerpt here (NOTE: Added 12 Nov, 2014 - Daughter of Man has been renamed The Lazarus Vector. This link to an excerpt is historical only.)

© - Erica Obey
Photos © - George Baird