Daughter of Man - Deux

Daughter of Man - Deux

09 November 2014

(Or as we like to call it these days, The Lazarus Vector.)

So how do you describe finishing a book, getting ohsoclose to getting an agent, only to read their reasons for finally turning you down, and realizing there was a far, far better way to get into this material?

Repetition compulsion?

The ugly truth about writers?

Proof positive that you are well and truly insane?

Maybe none of the above, but going back and gutting a book straight from Chapter One is not a lot of fun. In fact, it's frustrating and a hell of a lot of work. But was this a far, far better thing? Sidney Carton be damned-hell, yeah. At least, that's what I think, but please, go take a look at the newly retitled The Lazarus Vector and decide for yourself.

© - Erica Obey
Photos © - George Baird