New Orchids and a New Book

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18 May 2016

Saturday was our annual trek to visit our "pet" Cypripedium acaule, which has finally bloomed this year after a two-year drought. Actually, it bloomed last year, but something ate it - so we were armed with Liquid Fence to protect it from the critters this year.

Our pet seemed to be an orphan - although we have always looked for others. But this time, when we were walking back, congratulating ourselves on beating the deer this time, we spied this a couple of hundred yards down the trail.

And this one was definitely not an orphan. Instead it led in rapid succession to this

and this,

and eventually a colony of at least 20 thriving plants -

all of which we Liquid Fenced assiduously.

Seems like a sign that I should finally post a sample chapter of The Curse of the Braddock Brides. a historical mystery, whose hero is an orchid hunter - among other things. Coming from Amphorae Publishing in May, 2017.

© - Erica Obey
Photos © - George Baird