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17 March 2017
Because nothing says spring like needing snowshoes to get to the bird feeder.
11 March 2017
Enough said...
05 March 2017
Nothing says spring like a stroll in the garden with a cooling beverage.
28 February 2017
Please join me for some unrepentant historical fun. Enjoy the first chapter of The Curse of the Braddock Brides. You can even pre-order it from Amazon.
21 January 2017
Great turnout and a lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone that came and special thanks to The Golden Notebook!
11 October 2016
Aaaand.... we're LIVE! So excited that The Lazarus Vector is out from Amphorae Publishing Group and Blank Slate Press today! Get the book here: http://bit.ly/lazarusvector
Starred review in Publishers Weekly! Thank you again Blank Slate Press! Thank you again Amphorae Publishing Group!
24 September 2016
Had an incredible time on Saturday, talking with Sisters in Crime New Jersey about one of my favorite topics, forgotten Lady Scribblers. So much fun talking with an audience that was at least as informed as I was!
12 August 2016
So much for being determined to keep up with the garden posts this year. The roses have been glorious, even if I've been so behind I never got a picture of the fantastic Souvenir de Malmaison.
25 July 2016

I am taking this opportunity to ask anyone who knows me through MWA-NY to please check out my post on their website at http://www.mwany.org/2016/07/writing-is-excessive-drudgery/ . As many of you know, this is my second year chairing the Mentor Committee, and I'm soliciting ideas about how we can improve the program to better serve our members. Any feedback either on the MWA-NY site or on Facebook would be greatly appreciated.

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